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Identifying Beetles

Beetles are unique insects that have bad eyesight and two wing sets. One thing that makes beetles unique is the fact that they’re helpful and hurtful to the environment. Despite being thousands of species of beetles in the United States and belonging to the same order, their sizes and colors are different. In our treatment area, we commonly combat powder post beetles, longhorn beetles, and ground beetles.

Why Are Beetles In My Home?

Beetles are attracted to homes that have leaf piles, firewood piles, and rotting lumber outside. They can also be lured to your property due to the bright light around your windows and doors.

Are Beetles Dangerous?

While beetles are a nuisance, they’re generally not dangerous to humans or pets. Still, they’re problematic because they’re going to destroy your belongings. Some species can destroy wood furniture and wood homes rapidly. Get rid of them quickly to prevent devastating damages.

How Can I Remove Beetles?

Eliminating beetles in and around your home won’t be easy. You’ll need to start by making your home less inviting to beetles. If you find beetles on your property, it is time to call us. We offer beetle removal services that work.

Can I Eliminate Beetles Myself?

You can try removing beetles on your own, but doing so is not going to be easy. The problem is that beetle removal procedures require homeowners to use dangerous pesticides. Unless you know how to use them carefully and properly, the risks are grave. Furthermore, there is a chance that these products won’t help. Is it worth the risk? If not, you should contact us so we can fix the problem for you.

How Soon Can Your Exterminator Begin?

Contact our local extermination office to schedule an appointment with our exterminator today. They’ll respond to your call within 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Beetle Treatment Safe?

Our exterminators work hard to provide our clients with safe, reliable solutions. We use EPA-registered products that will not pose any risks to humans, pets, or plants. Furthermore, they’re trained to follow strict protocols to keep you safe until the bugs are gone for good.

How Much Is Beetle Removal?

Our company offers standard pricing on our beetle services. When the standard number of services are used, the price you’ll pay will depend on the size of your home or apartment. We’ll make sure you know the price before the procedure begins.

Can I Prevent Future Beetle Infestations?

Preventing beetles from entering your home won’t be easy. You need to seal and cracks and gaps that could be used as entry points. Also, remember that we’re here to help. When you spot beetles in and around your property, do the right thing and contact us.

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