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Identifying Spiders

Spiders are arthropods that belong to the Araneae order. This potentially dangerous pest can have eight legs and either six or eight eyes. The components of their mouths are unique and closely resemble fangs. If a spider bites you, it could inject venom into your body. Depending on the species you’re dealing with, it could be incredibly dangerous. Today, scientists have identified more than 40,000 species of spiders but not all of them are found in Charlotte. Another unique thing about spiders is that they can release silk from their abdomens.

They’ll use this technique to build webs that are later used to capture their prey. Some spider species are social and can live in webs with 50,000 other spiders. The lifespan of the spider depends on its environment. When living in a protected environment, spiders can live up to 25 years. However, they usually die much sooner in nature. Adult females can be dramatically larger than males.

Males spiders have larger mouthparts so they’re easy to pick out from a group. Male spiders are usually found in homes because they’re searching for females.

Are Spiders Dangerous?

When dealing with spiders, you have to be careful or you’ll get bit. Is a spider bite dangerous? Spider bites might be dangerous, but some are not. It depends on the species, and you’ll find that 99% of the bites are harmless. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t play games with spiders because some bites can lead to necrotic wounds, system toxicity, and death. Remember that spiders may release venom. If this happens, you may experience serious side effects. Get medical assistance immediately. Thankfully, most spiders in Charlotte do not pose a serious threat.

Why Are Spiders In My Home?

Ultimately, it is unknown why spiders have entered your home. Spiders may be looking for moist, dark locations so they can find prey to consume. Alternatively, there is a chance that male spiders have entered your home to search for female spiders for mating purposes.

Getting Rid Of Spiders – When To Call An Exterminator

To eliminate spiders in your home, you need to start targeting the spiders outside. If you have a large spider population outside, they’ll enter your home. Get rid of woodpiles, rock piles, and compost piles. Do this and the spiders won’t have a place to live around your home. Furthermore, you’ll need to seal your home to make sure the spiders cannot enter. Check your home carefully and deal with exterior cracks and crevices immediately. Make sure your crawlspace remains dry to keep it free of spiders.

Is Your Spider Treatment Safe?

We are confident that we offer the safest spider treatment in Charlotte. Our company uses natural, safe products to get rid of the spiders in our clients’ homes. Conventional products may be needed to eliminate your spiders, but don’t worry. If we have to use these products, we’re going to use EPA-registered products to keep you safe. Furthermore, we’ve trained our employees to guarantee that they’re going to follow strict protocols and keep you safe.

How Soon Can You Begin?

We’re eager to begin helping you. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us immediately. After you’ve scheduled an appointment, we can reach your home in 24 to 48 hours.

How Can I Prevent Spider Infestations?

Getting rid of spiders is hard, but keeping them out is harder. One of the most effective ways to eliminate spiders from your home is by reducing the population outside. Remove the spider’s hiding places outside will help. Furthermore, you need to keep your home clean and tidy. Make sure that your home is free of clutter. If you find spiders and spider webs in your home, you need to get rid of them immediately. Do you still need help? Contact us! We’re ready to help you.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Charlotte?

Many Charlotte residents are worried that they’re going to encounter Brown Recluse Spiders, but this likely won’t happen. Brown Recluse Spiders are one of the least common spiders in our area. However, you might find spiders that look like Brown Recluse Spiders. Below, you will learn some facts about these spiders so you can put your mind at ease.

  • Brown recluse spiders are rarely found in Charlotte
  • Most homes that had brown recluse spiders also had shipping boxes from other parts of the world
  • They can survive in Charlotte though
  • Few people, if any, have ever found brown recluse spiders in Charlotte homes
  • These spiders are timid so they’ll stay away from you when possible
  • Brown recluse spiders generally do not travel from one dwelling to another
  • Certain products can eliminate brown recluse spiders
  • You’re more likely to find Funnel Weaver Spiders and Grass Spiders in Charlotte
  • Although spiders are scary, you shouldn’t have an unreasonable fear of these pests

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