Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

With more and more free time these days, people are finding themselves taking more vacations. While money might be limited and the future unknown, now is the best time to grab life by the horns and live it like there is no tomorrow. If this recent pandemic has thought the world anything it has taught it that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, there is also no guarantee that you won’t be susceptible to bed bugs. That is unless, of course, you apply what is known as the SLEEP method.


The first S represents Survey and it basically means what you’d think. It means to take the time to survey your hotel or accommodations before fully settling in. Don’t just arrive, assume everything is okay. And unpack. Regardless of what you paid for the room, there is always a potential for bed bugs. And, the survey doesn’t just mean to visually look around the room. It means to physically get in there, move things around, and sniff for sweet odors. Large infestation oftentimes created sweet scents.


Speaking of getting physical, that’s exactly what the L represents in the SLEEP theory. It means to lift and look under the mattresses, sheets, pillows, linens, and drapes. Heck, check under the furniture. Bed bugs can take up residence in some of the most unreliable spaces and they’ll oftentimes do so. Lift and look around all possible hiding spots for bed bugs.


Elevate is perhaps one of the most important steps of the entire SLEEP theory. This is because it could be the very thing that keeps you bug-free. It means to elevate your belongings. Don’t just come into your hotel room and start offloading your gear in the dressers and drawers. No, keep all your things elevated in your suitcase away from the wall. This single step can nearly reduce your chances of becoming infected by as much as 75 percent.


There are two E’s in the SLEEP theory and the second one is just as important as the first. The second one, however, represents examine. That being said, it probably one of the wisest steps in the entire theory, as it means to examine your luggage and belongings. Don’t just examine them while you are in the hotel, but give them one final sweep before packing up and heading home. Make sure that your luggage, clothing, and even new mementos are free of bed bugs.


It might be the final step, but it is without a doubt the step that ties the entire theory together. Without this step, the SLEEP theory would simply be nothing more than just a thought as to how to stay bed bug-free while traveling. It is this final step that eliminates the critter if you have become infected. That being said, it is the P and it represents placement. It means to place your clothes and belongings in the dryer on the highest heat setting for at least ninety minutes after returning home from your trip. This will be the first that you’ll want to do. Don’t unpack immediately. Head right into the laundry room, throw the clothes and belongings in the heat, set to the highest heat settings, and let the dryer do its thing for the next ninety minutes.