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Thermal Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bug infestations are some of the most complex infestations. It targets homes of all sizes, regardless of location and family. To eradicate such an infestation, you need to start with the right pest control strategy.

Our pest control solutions include eco-friendly and conventional treatments, all of which are effective, affordable, and accessible to all residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. However, we always recommend thermal heat treatment for bed bug infestations of all severity levels.

How Does Thermal Heat Treatment Work To Eradicate Bed Bug Infestations?

Our thermal heat treatment utilizes temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit to eradicate bed bugs. Heat can penetrate electrical wall outlets, cracks, crevices, and other openings to reach deep into bed bug hiding places.

Thermal heat bed bug treatment is extremely effective and most often never requires more than two treatments.

We utilize large heaters and fans to generate and push the heat into the infested areas. Our exterminators seal off pest-free areas to prevent the bed bug infestation from spreading. The heat penetrates deep into hard-to-reach areas where bed bugs are known to hide during daylight hours.

Is Thermal Heat The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment?

We believe it is, followed by steam and cryonite. We back our thermal heat bed bug treatment with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Eradicating bed bug infestations of all severity levels is possible with thermal heat. It is applied only in infested areas of the impacted home to prevent the further spread of the infestation.

Thermal Heat Bed Bug Treatment Monitoring

To ensure 100 percent effectiveness, our thermal heat pest control is followed up with a thorough visual inspection of the impacted home. We do not just inspect the infested areas, we inspect the entire home because bed bugs will try to avoid the heat by invading the pest-free areas.

The high-temperature heat penetrates most bed bug hiding places, such as electrical outlets, wall switches, electronic devices, upholstery furniture, and toys.

Vacating The Home Before And During Thermal Heat Treatment

A home is a sanctuary that should be pest-free at all times. We can make that happen, thanks to our thermal heat treatment.

We recommend a full visual inspection prior to the initial treatment. This will help our exterminators determine the severity of your bed bug infestation and where the bed bugs are hiding. Our goal is to take an approach that will ensure the best results.

Please feel free to contact our office to learn more about our thermal heat bed bug treatment.

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