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Mice Rats And Rodents

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Identifying The Rodent In Your Home

In Charlotte, there is a risk that you’re going to encounter rodents in your home. While the possibilities are endless, you’re likely dealing with two mouse species. You’ve either encountered a deer mouse or a house mouse. While these mice are similar, there are a few key differences between the two. It is pertinent to learn more about the rodents that may enter your home so you will know what to look for. House mice have little hair while deer mice have lots of hair. You’ll find that both mice will leave droppers that are black and musty. In addition to this, all mice and rodents will destroy your home.

Get rid of them immediately to prevent these rodents from destroying your home. You need to know how to identify a pest infestation so you can act quickly.

  • Look for rodent droppings
  • Check for rodent nests consisting of twigs, grass, and household materials
  • Check your walls and baseboards for chew and scratch marks
  • Listen for rodents scurrying behind your walls

Identifying Mouse Droppings

Learning how to identify mouse droppings is recommended since this will help you confirm an infestation sooner. Thankfully, rodent droppings are obvious and easy to identify. They’re black with most being 6 millimeters in length or shorter. They’re granular in terms of shape. Some experts and consumers argue that rodent droppings resemble rice. You’ll be able to find these droppings near rodent nests and elsewhere throughout the home.

What Causes Rodents?

Although it could be several things, rodents are attracted to food, shelter, and water. They’ll enter your home so they can obtain everything they need to survive. With that being said, you need to take steps to keep them out. You need to eliminate small gaps and crevices outside of your home so the pests can’t get inside. Rodents can easily squeeze through the smallest gaps, so fill them all. If you’ve found rodent droppings in your home, pick up the phone and call us.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

The unfortunate truth is that rodents are one of the most dangerous household pests on the planet. First and foremost, rodents, mice, and rats can transmit dangerous diseases, such as Renal Syndrome, Plague, Rat-Bite Fever, and Lassa Fever. In addition to this, rodents will impact your pests because they can spread ticks and fleas. If they get into your home, you have to worry about them contaminating your food sources. You don’t want to eat food that has been contaminated by rodents because it could make you sick.

Finally, you’ll find that rodents are going to destroy your home and belongings. They’ll build nests in your walls and chew your furniture. They’ll chew your drywall, paneling, insulation, and furniture. Since they can chew through electrical wires, rodents will increase the risk of electrical fires.

Dangers Associated With Rodent Infestations

  • Rodents will contaminate food and food preparation surfaces
  • They can spread serious diseases such as the Hantavirus
  • They’ll destroy your home and belongings
  • They’ll chew through electrical cables and cause an electrical fire

Getting Rid Of Rodents

You can try getting rid of rodents yourself, but doing so will be challenging. Attempting to achieve this goal will be dangerous. You’ll expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. In addition to this, you have to deal with the mess after you’ve killed the pest. There are humane ways to get rid of mice, but it may take a long time to achieve this on your own. Instead, we recommend working with a qualified pest expert.

When Can You Begin?

Our company is waiting for you to call. After your call, an appointment will be scheduled for you. You can expect our exterminator to reach your home in 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Rodent Treatment Safe?

Yes. Our company works diligently to provide safe, reliable rodent solutions. We use natural products, mechanical tools, and baits to get rid of the rodents in your home. However, we may rely on conventional materials when necessary. Don’t worry because we’re going to take steps to keep you safe. Our exterminators follow strict protocols and use EPA-registered products to protect you.

Preventing Mice Infestations

One of the best ways to deal with rodents is by keeping them out in the first place. Our company recommends utilizing rodent-proofing materials to keep the rodents outside. These materials should be used around doorways and exterior walls. Furthermore, you should keep your grass mowed. When food is delivered to your home, you need to check it carefully to make sure it hasn’t been contaminated already.

Tips For Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Home

  • Eliminate gaps and other openings on exterior walls
  • Take your trash bags outside and store them in appropriate containers
  • Deal with spills and messes quickly
  • Store food items in airtight containers

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Mice Rat and Rodents
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