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Cryonite Treatment

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Cryonite has revolutionized the extermination process. This eco-friendly pest control method utilizes frigid cold temperatures to eradicate various pest species in minutes. The patented technology is becoming mainstream in the United States, Europe, and Australia. It has been shown to be very effective in eradicating pest infestations of all sizes.

Cryonite treatment creates a non-toxic substance deemed “snow” that is comprised of CO2. It has been integrated into the pest control market because of its ability to deliver quick results even in severe infestations. It works by penetrating cracks, crevices, and other tiny openings to make almost immediate contact with pests like bed bugs, beetles, dust mites, and cockroaches.

How Does Cryonite work?

Cryonite pest control works by utilizing frigid cold temperatures to eradicate pests on contact. The impacted pests virtually freeze to death from hypothermia. Carbon dioxide snow is directed into infested areas to deliver a speedy eradication every time.

Dry CO2 snow has been deemed “dry ice” by exterminators across the globe. It is virtually like dry ice since it converts to a non-toxic gas, skipping the liquid phase altogether. This gives CO2 dry ice the ability to penetrate electrical outlets, cracks, crevices, and other areas thought to be infested by pests. It can safely be applied in close proximity to food products without concern for potential damage or contamination.

Speedy Results: CO2 quickly converts into a non-toxic gas that is frigid cold to eradicate pests quickly.

Eco-Friendly – CO2 dry ice is Eco-friendly, as it does not generate toxic fumes or substances. It comes in a sealed container with a 90-degree extension to target specific areas thought to be infested.

Superior Penetration: Cryonite snow has the ability to penetrate the tiniest crevice and deep into various materials to ensure the highest level of effectiveness.

Eco-Friendly Cryonite Pest Control

Cryonite snow is utilized for various applications including:

Why Should I Choose Cryonite?

There are many reasons why exterminators recommend cryonite show to other pest control methods.

  • Delivers speedy results
  • Non-toxic pest control application
  • Little to no damage risk
  • Minimizes commercial downtime
  • Effective and requires fewer repeat applications
  • Extremely affordable compared to other pest control methods that require more than three repeat applications
  • Poses no risk to the environment

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