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Steam Treatment

Steam has become one of the most reliable ways to get rid of bedbugs in homes, hotels, and commercial establishments. Steam can remove bedbugs before they can turn your life upside down. By using bedbug steamers, our experts will be able to eliminate the bedbugs on contact by using high levels of heat.

However, it is important to remember that steam needs to make contact with the bug to kill it. If this doesn’t happen, it will survive. Still, steam has numerous benefits since there are no residual effects and it can be used almost anywhere.

Killing Bedbugs With Steam

When using bedbug steamers, our exterminators will use hot temperatures to kill the bugs. High-temperature steam is applied to areas where bedbugs are hiding. For instance, we will use steamers to kill bedbugs in furniture, mattress, and small gaps.

When the steam makes contact with bedbugs, it will kill them immediately.

Eco-Friendly Treatment

One of the best things about steam is that it is an eco-friendly solution to your bedbug problem. When taking advantage of steam, you don’t have to worry about using dangerous chemicals. Instead, this treatment relies solely on heat and steam. As a result, steam is excellent around children and pets.

You can try renting a steamer and fixing the problem on your own, but this is not a good idea. The problem is that you need to know where the bedbugs are hiding. If you miss one or two hiding spots, you’re going to experience a recovery. The bedbugs will not disappear. They’ll return and continue destroying your life.

We recommend calling us because we know bedbugs better than anyone else. We offer free estimates, so you’ll know what the price is going to be in advance. Contact us if you have bedbugs and live in or around Charlotte.

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