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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Bed bugs are tiny insects with an apple seed-shaped body. While the stomach is generally flat, it will become bloated after each blood meal. Unfortunately, the deceptive behavior of the bed bugs makes them difficult to detect, which is why most homeowners turn to the experts.

Is there reason to be concerned over a minor bed bug sighting? Of course, there is reason to be concerned. One or a handful of bed bugs generally means there is a colony nearby. The members of the colony are most active at night when the home’s occupants are sleeping. Why do bed bugs exhibit nocturnal behaviors? Well, it is mainly due to their desire to stay undetected as long as possible.

Why A Bed Bug Sighting Is Concerning?

A sighting of one or a handful of bed bugs is a reason for concern. Why? A female adult bed bug can generate up to 500 eggs over her lifetime. When you spot a bed bug, the first thought that should come to mind is gender. While this is rarely the case since bed bug sightings raise fear among most people. It is crucial to focus on what you are looking at, not at the what-haves and what-ifs.

Bed bugs generally live in colonies of various sizes. So, a single or few bed bug sighting is a reason for concern. In fact, we believe it warrants a call to our Charlotte, North Carolina extermination office. As mentioned previously, the gender of the bed bug is very important. If it happens to be a female, your home will probably be infested with dozens of bed bug eggs and larvae within a few short weeks.

A bed bug sighting of all sizes warrants an exterminator visit. Our licensed exterminators and bed bug experts are on standby 24 hours a day to take your pest control request. Even though the bed bug is a tiny insect, it is crucial humans know the characteristics of both the male and female. The male bed bug has a pointy-like stomach while the female’s tummy is round. Adults measure in at about seven millimeters in length, making them extremely difficult to see with the naked eye.

Why Is It Nearly Impossible To Spot A Bed Bug?

It cannot be stressed enough, bed bugs are tiny insects that are very difficult to spot with the naked eye. While it is possible to spot these insects, detection is oftentimes out of reach for visually-impaired people. Another reason the bed bug is difficult to detect is because of its nocturnal behavior. They are most active at night, feeding on their host while he/she is fast asleep.

Since bed bugs feed at night, it is nearly impossible to catch them in action. You can try to stay awake but the odds of a sighting are still fairly slim. These insects excrete a substance that numbs their hosts’ skin to avoid detection during feedings.

Bed Bug Characteristics – Know What You Are Looking At?

Being familiar with the characteristics of a bed bug will prove to be very valuable if ever you encounter a sighting. While it may not be possible to determine the gender, you should not face any issues differentiating between the bed bug and other similar insects.

The bed bug measures between seven and 10 millimeters in length, with either a pointy or round stomach. They have six legs and two tiny segmented antennas. The bed bug and cockroach nymph, flea, and carpet beetle share some of the same characteristics, making it difficult to determine which insect species is which.

Bed Bug Infestation Signs

While it is crucial to know the bed bug characteristics, it is also just important to know the signs of an infestation, which include the following:

  • Dark Spots – A dark red spot on bed linen and pajamas are what’s leftover from a blood meal
  • Exoskeleton – Dark, crusty-like spots on bed linen, mattress, and box springs are dead skin
  • Egg – Female adult bed bugs produce up to five eggs each day. These translucent-like structures are extremely difficult to detect with the naked eye
  • Fecal Material – Tiny dark raised spots can be spotted in areas where the bed bugs are staying and feeding
  • Bite Mark – Tiny raised, red spots on the skin is a sure sign of a bed bug infestation
  • Strange Odor – Bed bugs generate a substance that smells sweet and musty

Visual Inspection – Where To Start?

Our exterminators have been fully trained to detect, identify, and locate bed bugs in all phases of the life cycle. If you want to conduct your own inspection, we recommend starting in your bedroom. Inspect your bed linen, mattress (both sides), box springs, headboard, and footboard before going forward.

Place your bed linen in a sealed plastic bag and carefully transport it to your laundry room. Wash and dry the bed linen on the maximum heat cycle to ensure the best eradication effect. From here, we recommend inspecting the flooring, walls, closets, furniture, wallpaper, and electrical outlets.

If you previously detected signs that are believed to be a bed bug infestation do not stop until you find the colony’s hiding place. To ensure the best results of your DIY inspection, a flashlight is a necessity. Utilize a flashlight or spotlight to inspect poorly lit areas in your home.

When To Call The Experts?

There are no rules when it comes to a bed bug sighting. You can contact our office if you believe your home is infested, without proof. We will dispatch a licensed exterminator out to your home to conduct a thorough visual inspection. If you do not have the time, patience, tools, or skills to conduct a bed bug inspection, we can help. Remember, we are only a phone call away from help. Our exterminators and bed bug experts work long hours to ensure access to our high-quality bed bug pest control. We offer a broad range of bed bug treatments, all of which are affordable and effective. Contact our Charlotte office to learn more.

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