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Landmarks In Charlotte North Carolina You Can’t-Miss

Got a big vacation coming up? Maybe you are planning a trip with the family and in-laws. Whatever the situation is, there certainly is no shortage of amazing locations for you to choose from. While most people might envision an island paradise or a remote beach somewhere, there truly is something special, memorable, and historic about Charlotte, North Carolina. Don’t believe it? Check out these amazing landmarks that you can visit while in the city and state and you’ll likely change your mind already.

Historic Rosedale Plantation

When most people think of plantations and the south they tend to think of big old white colonial-style houses where slaves used to be employed. While this is the typical stereotype for most plantations these days, it certainly is not the case for the Historic Rosedale Plantation. Sure, the home is white and in colonial style, but there is so much more offered here. In fact, there are over 200 years of history starting with the Plantation home built on North Tryon Street. While the home has been remodeled and restored over the years, it follows the same design from the original, right down to the yellow trim and hand-carved fireplaces.

The house covers a total of beautiful 9 acres and truly offers a treasure trove of things to do. Check out the gardens where the White and African Americans left a legacy unlike any other. Any family or single can take refuge and commune with nature and wildlife at the one-of-a-kind historic site. Stroll through the Big Tree Museum to get a memento or token to always remember your trip by.

Old Settler’s Cemetery

One might not picture a cemetery as an ideal destination for a vacation, but the Old Settler’s Cemetery isn’t just your traditional cemetery. There are a whole plethora of sites to see and activities to do. If you and the family enjoy being scared out of your socks, you can brace the overnight graveyard walking tour. It is here that you’ll take a stroll along the graveyard with a fully informational and talented guide that’ll teach you all about the mysterious and amazing history that lies here.

The now city-owned cemetery is located at 200 West 5th Street, which is right in the heart of downtown so you’ll already be near other things to do. You could spend the entire day in town killing time until the night graveyard tour starts. The site is now home to many of the early settlers of NC, hence the name so you won’t find a site that offers more historic value than this single cemetery.

Battle of Charlotte Historical Marker

Throughout history, there have been many important battles that shaped the world into what it is today. That being said, there is perhaps none that was as important for North Carolina as the Battle of Charlotte. That’s exactly why the city and state decided to create this memorial and landmark. It is here at this site that you can learn all about how the British troops under Charles Cornwallis lead when head to head with North Carolina Patriots. While the Patriots were easily outnumbered three to one, they stood their ground and didn’t back down, showcasing the resiliency and vigilance of the Caroline people.